Classic Christmas Stories Bundle



Favorite Holiday Stories for All Ages

Christmas is a time for memories and traditions. In this anthology of classic Christmas stories, some of the world’s most reknown authors reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Enjoy the convenience of a digital copy along with the physical version. Digital book is available for immediate download, the paperback will be shipped.

Stories from:

Hans Christian Anderson, Anton P. Chekhov, J. Stirling Coyne, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Harrison, O. Henry, John of Hildesheim, M.A.L. Lane, George MacDonald, Raymond McAlden, C.H. Mead, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Elia W. Peattle, Horace E. Scudder, Henry Van Dyke, William Walsh, William of Malmesbury

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